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Thursday, December 27, 2012

For The Better, I Am A Changin!

When I left Costa Rica in 2009, I swore I would never return to that shit-hole of a country. But I had to find somewhere to go this winter, and it needed to be warm. My chaotic summer left me little time to explore options so I bit the bullet and decided to give Costa Rica and UPeace another chance. Plus, Oscar and Vero are here and I love them.
I anticipated that it would be difficult to meet people as the year has already begun and cliques had already formed. But, it didn't take long before I felt like one of the group. I've had many highlights: A choking Hiroki asking me for a sip of my drink - not realizing it was rum; fashion advice and dancing lessons with Mariana and Lorena; Spanish classes, cooking lessons, and family-like love at the Gathering House; potluck after potluck; beautiful bus-rides through the glorious mountain landscapes, and so so so many smiles!

I didn't know it at the time, but if you smile at someone in Costa Rica – they nearly always smile back! It's pretty incredible!

I took a 4th trip to the famous volcano, Arenal, for the hot springs. I still haven't been able to see the mountain on account of rain and clouds - but nothing really matters when you're sitting in hot river in the middle of the jungle, sipping on some low quality local rum with really great people!
It's not all beans and rice, though, there are some shortcomings. My apartment sucks ass! There are so many bugs and I gave away my DEET to a nice lady who gave me a ride home from the airport... For the first month, my legs from the knees down looked like I had chicken pox from all the bug bites! I went through two tubes of hydorcortisone in one month! Plus, everything in this country is way overpriced because of the expat influence. Won't keep me down, though. I changed my apartment and am now living with a wonderful gal from Venezuela and our apartment is so clean that I expect my chicken pox to clear up soon!

Bottom line is, I'm loving it here! Such a contrast from my first year here. The country hasn't changed any, nor has the university. The difference is me. I've changed! My bitterness is gone and my battery is charged - hello open mind and positive outlook! This is great! 

I'm uploading pictures here: Here!

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